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Radiology CRM

RAD365 CRM is a comprehensive solution for each and every elemental user who is involved in the radiology workflow management service. RAD365 CRM is an automation solution designed for the healthcare organizations to enhance their radiology reporting services and thereby, cater to the intensifying patient demands. RAD365 CRM acts as a highly scalable software solution which solely aims at radiology reporting and performance management using technology as the backbone.

SMART DICOM is a patient-centric data repository product intended for the storage of scanned images in a centralized server for the radiologists to read and provide the reports to the patients. This is a web based self-service portal from where patients can choose their appropriate service and can seamlessly upload their diagnostic images to a centralized imaging repository. This results in a better patient experience with access to reports on multiple devices.

E-MONITOR is an intelligent solution for monitoring your entire IT infrastructure. IT downtimes can severely affect businesses. So, detecting the inconsistency at the right time is crucial to keep your business going. E-MONITOR manages your servers and networks, and provides you with real-time analytical reports which you can rely upon.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal is a patient information management system specially intended for the use of patients and physicians. Patient Portal is a centralized system for tracking patient information depending upon the respective patient’s unique ID. This can be used in synchronization with our RAD365 CRM or any of your existing systems.Using Patient Portal, physicians and patients can manage the records and all case details.Physicians can sort out the required patient details from the large volume of patient data and thus can manage the case activities better.

Peer Review/ QA Portal is a quality assurance portal aimed at delivering the optimum quality of patient case reports without any errors. The portal is for the internal use of the radiologists associated with a particular healthcare organization. Through this portal, the cases read by specific radiologists are randomly assigned to senior and more experienced radiologists of the organization for review and their comments. As a result, organizations can efficiently minimize the discrepancies in patient reports and can assess the performance of radiologists at the same time.