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Image Analysis using AI
Rad365 Technology has been serving the Healthcare industry globally for last 1 decade. RAD365 provides Radiology Interpretation service to patients across the globe. The advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning has brought in an excellent situation to create rules which help the Radiologist in Diagnosing. A image library of more than million images helps in making the RAD365 AI engine robust. Our AI engine aims to automatically classify image in different buckets and generate an alert system for Radiologost doing the interpretation and reporting.

For developing the model for Machine Learning, we use Keras deep learning library and Tensor flow and python to build our CNN(Convolutional Neural Network).

RAD365 Technology AI engine aims to serve the mankind by particularly focusing on Tuberculosis and Lung diseases , Brain Bleed, Lung Nodules (Cancer)

We offer this as a services to healthcare service providers as well as component to Radiology picture archiving and communication system

With the increasing medical complexities the healthcare organizations are facing, the most appropriate solutions seem to be the integration of the technological innovations with that of the diverse healthcare practices. Deployment of the IT solutions within the medical facilities makes it more manageable to track the patient’s data and helps in attaining the ultimate goal of optimum patient care.
Our customer-centric healthcare software solutions can add more dynamism to your healthcare organization and can streamline all the operations. For making a correct assessment of the future healthcare decisions to take, you need to gain a 360 degree visibility of your running processes including all the entity groups.
Our personalized solutions will span through each and every check point so that you can clearly weigh your demand and supply parameters so as to make better decisions.

Health Care
Our Solutions
Our comprehensive healthcare solutions will help you synchronize all your data which is scattered over the healthcare ecosystem. By embracing the latest technologies, you can support all your operations and can provide timely and cost-effective services to the patients.

Below is a list of our service offerings:
1. Electronic patient health records: With the aid of this patient-centric service offering, healthcare organizations can provide the patients with the flexibility to take control of their own healthcare records. Patients can share their records with their respective physicians and can communicate in a more interactive way.

2.Physician relationship management solution: With this solution, healthcare organizations can maintain a well organized repository of physicians associated with the organization. Users can get a filtered list of physicians depending upon different parameters such as departments, specializations and the years of experience etc.

3. Radiology solutions: Get reliable image storage facilities through our robust picture archiving communication systems. Through our web based platforms, users can get access to the images anywhere at any time. With fast server configurations, users can save a significant amount of time throughout the radiology workflow.

4. Customer relationship management solution: Our CRM platform acts as a centralized technology component which handles and distributes a number of radiology cases/ studies among the workforce consisting of Physicians, Imaging Centers and Radiologists. Through the automatic case assignment algorithm, users can get access to a repository of cases in real-time. Our CRM comes with the data-driven analytics feature which helps in keeping track of modality-wise performances of the Radiologists, Imaging Centers and the Physicians.

5. Healthcare Operations management: Our comprehensive healthcare operations management solutions help you to view all the ongoing operations in an interconnected model. Getting access to all medical, administrative, operational and financial reports at one place keeps you updated about everything and as a result, you arrive at smart decisions.

Benefits from RAD365 HealthCare Solutions
bullet Get a customized array of data at a single place and treat patients with confidence.
bullet Improved focus on patient care through seamless collaboration with different healthcare providers.
bullet Effective collection and transmission of clinical data through different channels.
bullet Achieve proper information flow across different medical departments specific to respective patient cases.
bullet Access to mobile based patient case management systems.
bullet Optimized use of healthcare resources for better patient care and support.