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  About Us
What makes an organization reliable? Of course, it is persistence and flexibility to change. In very specific words, reliability requires persistence towards the goals and flexibility towards the changing requirements. With a dynamic working environment, we thrive to give strong support and provide smart solutions keeping your end goals in mind.

Our decision making team is the most important asset we have and our goal is straight. We want to fit the evolving technologies into yours need’s basket. We want to see you fulfill your organization goals using our solutions and services.
Quick Facts
Our Story
RAD365 Technologies is an IT service provider delivering Software Development, Knowledge Process Support and Data Analytics solutions to clients belonging to diverse domains. Established in the year 2007, RAD365 Technologies is continuously helping organizations to operate effectively in a technology-driven environment. Our long-term goal is to understand the complex business processes of multiple industries and develop strategic solutions using our technological capabilities.

We strive to meet our client’s needs keeping cost-effectiveness, top-notch quality standards and timely delivery in mind. Our services are inspired by the sustainable mind-mapping and approaches presented by our thinkers and decision makers over the years. We feel valued when we contribute in direct or indirect ways to the attainment of end goals of our clients.

By leveraging our expertise and experience in Software Development, Knowledge Process Support and Data Analytics arenas, we believe that we are a part of the value chain.

One of our key strengths from the beginning is our agility and flexibility towards the ever changing business situations.

RAD365 Technologies performs in an agile mode and is focused on flawless customer support to provide the best value. Our future plans include developing innovative products and delivering more intelligent services targeted at the emerging businesses of our existing and new clients.
Our Core Values
Our Core Values
Since its inception, RAD365 Technologies has been driven by its core values. Our values have been an integral part of our service offerings and success till now. We always try that our clients and partners realize our core values in all our approaches.

Integrity: We always believe that honesty inspires people to be more productive and dedicated to their tasks. We always value attitude more than any technical or business skills. A good attitude is the only gateway to combined success.
Valuable Partnerships: We believe that knowledge and resources should work for the greater good. We value partnerships to attain the greater goal of client satisfaction. Our solutions & frameworks always work in a win-win paradigm.
Teamwork: Be it small or big, it should be counted as a whole. We are not mere individuals contributing our parts. Instead we are a team working towards our common vision and mission.
Long term Client relationship: What our client’s achieve is of utmost importance to us because this reflects what we achieve. Your success means our success. So every relationship of ours goes long term, creating new opportunities and solving complex problems along the way.
Respect for the Individual: We are an entity with diverse skill sets and capabilities. We foster an open environment where individuals get the required exposure to hone their work, to respect each other and to have fun together. This makes our work culture better.

What make us different
What make us different
The way we make use of technology and the way we deliver the finished product at the client’s site makes us different. Our detail-oriented communication and flexible approaches to arising issues makes us different. The support that we give at downtimes keeps us closer to our clients.

Custom open source applications: We understand our client’s rising needs. Time to market and cost is a concern be it a small, medium or large enterprise. We build custom open source applications for agility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.
Mobility: In today’s business world, adaptability is mobility. With client’s eagerness to capitalize on mobility, we are ready to make the quality focus on enterprise wide mobility strategies.
Smart Architecture: At the end of the day, we need to add something. Ultimately, scalability is the concern when we talk about architecture.
Process Transparency & Agility: Building a smart architecture requires valuable inputs from clients. Process transparency comes from clear business logic which in turn comes from clear communication. We handle everything with excellence.
Superior consulting & advisory team: Support and knowledge transfer are crucial to project success. Our subject matter experts are our assets helping you out throughout the full life cycle.
Layered approach & smart assessment: Applications developed in integrated modules enhances efficiency. From design to integration, our assessment team delivers the best solution using robust testing capabilities.